Increasing My Energy


On November 4 daylight savings ended so I did what people do; I turned my clock back one hour. In the past, this switch has had little effect on me. However, this year it took a toll on my energy level. I found myself taking naps, increasing my caffeine intake, and silently celebrating as bedtime approached. I thought my energy would return after a few days. It didn't so I began talking to others. I learned that I wasn't alone. In fact, a number of people shared with me that this time of year is their least favorite. They struggle to maintain an energy level that keeps them focused at work, wanting to socialize on the weekends and stick to their morning workouts. I became curious of why this time change effects some and not others. What I ended up finding were several ways to increase energy. I tested them for three weeks and found that they work!

If you need to amplify your energy, test these ideas to see what works for you.

1.  Get enough sleep. Experts say that adults need 7-8 hours of sleep each night to be fully rested.

2.  Exercise regularly. Exercise creates energy. Remember Newton's Law of Inertia? It states an object in motion stays in motion. By being in motion we release endorphins which boost energy!

3.  Drink at least 8 glasses of water. The high energy people I know are always drinking water. There seems to be something special about flushing out the system that creates energy.

4.  Eat a nutritious diet that consists of protein and fat-burning, low glycemic carbs (think dark colored foods). Ever wonder why you're so tired after eating pasta or other high glycemic carbs? It is because they cause our pancreas to pump out insulin which then drops our blood sugar levels to drop so we end up feeling tired, drained and unproductive.

5.  Stimulate the brain through an activity, playing a game, learning something new or reading.

6.  Maintain a positive and grateful attitude.

7.  Avoid smoking, alcohol and energy vampires.


What energy booster do you find most effective?

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