Coaching Opportunities

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Coaching Packages

The “Empowered” Life:

Life Mastery Coaching

Helping people answer the questions “Who are you?” and “What’s really important about the way you live your life?” The “Empowered” Life Mastery Coaching Program is an opportunity to pause, reflect, gain insight and be Empowered to take actions towards living a purposeful, meaningful and balanced life.

The “Empowered” Leader:

Executive Coaching

Helping Leaders connect with the impact they want to make on the world and how they want to engage with their people. The “Empowered” Leader Coaching Program is an opportunity to look in the mirror to identify the uniques strengths and challenges of leadership roles and to breakthrough self-imposed limits.

The “Empowered” Student:  

Transitional Coaching

Helping High School and College Students build confidence by taking ownership of their lives and relationships. The “Empowered” Student Coaching Program is an opportunity for students to embrace their unique qualities, breakthrough self-imposed limits, and commit to actions steps that move them towards their vision and goals.

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